Help make Common Good a reality

This is the start of an important change in the sector, and your support is crucial to our initiative’s success.

We are aiming to have a critical mass of EMPLOYERS publicly commit to offering Common Good to their employees, should the plan proceed. Get in touch with us if your organization is ready to take the next step or needs more information before making this decision. Feel free to schedule a call with us.

This will be the first time a retirement plan has been offered in this way, so we need as many nonprofit workers and employers to participate.

Your contribution will help us design and launch the Common Good Retirement Plan for the entire sector.

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It’s time for the nonprofit community to take care of its own and lead the way to retirement security for all its workers.

We need your help in getting the word out about the initiative.  

Our Common Good engagement toolkit includes an email template, newsletter article, and sample social media posts.

Please help us reach as many nonprofit workers and employers, and together we can bring retirement security to the entire sector.

Let’s do this together

An initiative to create a national, portable retirement income plan for Canada’s nonprofit and charitable sector

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Got questions about Common Good? Email us, and we’ll be in touch with you!

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