Why join Common Good?


Use the power of the group (over two million strong) to build retirement security wherever and however you’re working

  • Portable across the country, between jobs, and into retirement
  • Investment choices selected by experts and specifically tailored for retirement
  • Post-retirement options to turn savings into a stream of income, including a guaranteed lifetime benefit
  • Lower fees through not-for-profit structure and economies of scale
  • Open to spouses and non-standard workers like part-timers and freelancers
  • Flexible contributions adjustable to individual circumstances, with tools that harness Nobel Prize-winning research to help members set aside more savings over time
  • Reduced government benefit clawbacks and taxes through hybrid TFSA/RRSP structure


Attract, retain, and support staff by combining some of the benefits of a traditional pension with more flexibility and low administrative burden

  • Flexible contributions
  • Simple, digital-first administration reducing staff time on setup and ongoing support
  • Suitable for all income levels including workers on low or moderate incomes
  • Educational tools and supports tailored to the needs of sector workers

The Common Good Retirement Plan would be open to:

  • Full- and part-time employees in the not-for-profit sector
  • Non-standard workers (e.g. contract or freelance workers) in the not-for-profit sector who do not have an employment relationship with a participating employer
  • Spouses or common-law partners of eligible workers

How It Works



Common Good is designed to be a fully self-sustaining social enterprise. In the medium- and longer-term, all the costs of running the plan will be covered by the fees paid by participating members and employers. As outlined in Common Good’s consultation paper, these fees are significantly lower than most widely available alternatives.

  • Member fee: 0.6% (per year) of invested assets, paid out of assets in the plan
  • Employer fee: $10/month per employee

To learn more about how Common Good can work for your organization, download our Employer Guide.

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