Join us in our efforts to offer a collective retirement plan for all workers in the nonprofit sector.

Common Good is unique: it is not a product or a company, but a coalition of not-for-profit leaders and retirement experts working together to establish a retirement plan for our community.

We are excited about Common Good’s potential, but we need your help to make it happen.

Whether Common Good moves forward depends on support from employers.  To demonstrate that interest in the plan is strong enough for it to be self-sustaining in the long term, we are asking employers to commit “in-principle” to join the plan.

Here’s how you can join Common Good in 3 steps:

1. Learn about Common Good

Explore the team behind the initiative and the 85+ not-for-profits who have committed to offering the retirement plan.  For a deep-dive on the thinking behind the plan’s design, read our detailed consultation paper.

2. Understand how the plan works

Read Common Good’s Employer Guide to understand the details of how the retirement plan would work for your organization and staff.  Have specific questions not covered in the guide?  Schedule a consultation with us.

3. Make in-principle commitment

Common Good is seeking “in-principle” commitments that, should Common Good be built, your organization would make the retirement plan available to employees in some form.

What does an in-principle commitment mean?

Because Common Good is a proposed plan, we are not asking for a formal participation agreement or contract, but rather a public expression of your support for the initiative and intention in principle to participate.

At a tactical level, the three things we ask for are: 

  1. A copy of your logo and permission to use it on our list of Committed Employers
  2. A short testimonial, like the endorsements you see here
  3. A little information on how you intend to offer the plan

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