Adil DhallaFormerly of Centre for Social Innovation

    Adil Dhalla is a civic entrepreneur and community organizer who is driven to co-create new and inclusive economies.  He is the former Executive Director of the Centre for Social Innovation (CSI), which is a not-for-profit organization that provides space, services and programs to +2000 social mission organizations annually.  In addition to his role at CSI, he Chairs the Board for the award-winning StopGap Foundation, is a Diverse City Fellow and a BALLE Fellow, awarded to local economy leaders who are creating the new economy.  He is the first Muslim to ever receive the honour.

    The success of our non-profit and charitable sector rests on its ability to recruit and retain talented people, and one of the biggest missing pieces to achieving this has been the absence of an affordable retirement savings plan.  It’s a complex challenge but a worthwhile one, considering the collective impact of those who belong to this sector.  We have a collective responsibility to care for those who take care of others, and I am excited to join the chorus for change.

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