Catherine LudgateVancity

    Catherine Ludgate is a senior manager of community investment at Vancity credit union, where she has accountability for Vancity’s anti-poverty initiatives, including microfinance solutions that provide access to credit to underserved members of the community, the credit union’s advocacy around the Living Wage campaign, and the design and delivery of financial literacy programs for members. She holds a master’s degree in the management of co-ops and credit unions and recently served on both the Federal and Provincial Advisory Committees on Poverty, and continues to serve on Vancouver’s Healthy City Leadership Team.

    In our work on the Living Wage campaign, we say ‘work should lift you out of poverty, not keep you there.’  The same is true for retirement, post-career in the not-for-profit world. We believe the Common Good Retirement Plan is part of the solution to retirement poverty for the sector, and we are delighted be supporting this initiative.

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