David MitchellCCVO

    David is the President and CEO of CCVO.  He has a broad professional background, spanning the private, public, nonprofit, and education sectors.  He has served in leadership roles in the resource industries, as an elected representative, in NGOs, and at a number of post-secondary education institutions.  An award-winning writer and author, David’s expertise is in the areas of convening, fundraising, and public policy.  He’s the father of two daughters, a doting grandfather to three adorable grandchildren, and is married to author and women’s advocate, Shari Graydon.

    The nonprofit sector empowers the quality of life we too often take for granted.  And while nonprofit employers can’t easily compete with salary levels offered in other sectors, there’s no good reason why they shouldn’t be able to offer a range of benefits supporting healthy workplaces.  This should ideally start with a well-designed retirement plan that offers income security to the professionals who are ensuring we all live in vibrant communities.

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