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    Lee (@thisleerose) is an accidental social innovator with a knack for working across systems to drive change.  He led the creation of CKX in his role as the Director of Community Knowledge at Community Foundations of Canada, and now as CKX’s Managing Director.

    A former camp director, Lee is prone to tipping canoes and shaking things up both on the water and at work.  He recently wrapped up terms on the boards of Imagine Canada and the Ten Oaks Project, an organization engages children and youth from LGBTQ+ communities through activities rooted in social justice and play.

    Lee lives in Gatineau, Quebec with his three kids and all of their hockey gear.

    Why isn’t this a thing already?  As someone who has worked in the social change sector for more than 10 years – I’m excited by the potential of the Common Good Retirement Plan to truly shift the way people like me think about saving for the future.  With the changing nature of work – and indeed the changing nature of retirement – a gold-plated pension after 25 years of service with the same organization just isn’t in the cards for me.  Adaptive.  Flexible.  Nimble.  We all agree that these are valuable traits of people driving social change.  I think they can and should also apply to how people like me can better save for the future.

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