Wanda MorrisFormerly of CARP

    Wanda Morris is the former Chief Advocacy and Engagement Officer for CARP, a 300,000-member organization that advocates to improve the lives and uphold the rights of older Canadians.

    She is a CPA with over three decades of business experience, and a campaigner, advocate and frequent media commentator. Ms. Morris has led public advocacy campaigns on a number of issues including investor protections, pension security, medically aid in dying, and improving safety in long-term care.

    She is the Chair of the Ombudsman for Banking Services and Investment’s Consumer and Investor Advisory Council, and a past member of the Ontario Securities Commission’s Seniors Expert Advisory Committee.

    Canadians pay some of the highest investment costs in the world while receiving some of the fewest investment protections.  While CARP is advocating to improve this reality, we’re pleased that Canadians in the not-for-profit sector have access to a better option: Common Good’s retirement savings plan.  No one should have to choose between doing good and doing well. With Common Good, they don’t.

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